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Rene Clair's - And Then There Were None

Published 1945

Rene Clair weaves the quintessential spider web with brilliant camera work including unusual but effective angles, snappy dialogue, and magnificent performances by ten impeccably cast artists. The viewer is drawn into the anxiety, claustrophobia, terror, and resignation felt one-by-one by each of the twelve weekend "guests" of Mr. Owen. Any mystery, suspense or thriller fan will be incomplete without seeing this work of absolute genius.
This may be the best mystery ever put to film

Run time 97 min.
Producer René Clair, Leo C. Popkin, Harry M. Popkin
Production Company Rene Clair Productions
Audio/Visual sound, black & white
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Reviewer: classicsGma - - March 24, 2015
Subject: Dialogue...nothing else
Second movie tonight where I get dialogue but the film is stuck in the first few minutes. Disappointing...
Reviewer: awww - - March 4, 2014
Subject: Great movie!
Had a rainy weekend, a perfect excuse to re-watch this movie (for those of you miserably homebound by this weird weather-hint).
Reviewer: larry76 - - November 12, 2012
Subject: Worth it each time
I've seen this movie probably three or four times over the past
50 years and it still holds my attention. The old thirty and forty
black and white films are superior to today's color filled special
effect blockbusters. Take note as you watch these old films how
you can see every detail. All films, especially mysteries, should
be in black and white.
Reviewer: The Bridge - - April 22, 2012
Subject: Don't think I have given a FIVE STAR before.
I will not say this movie is GREAT, or that the actors in it are THE BEST, what I will say is this: I have seen this fine movie well over thirty (30) times, I could most probably recite each actor's part, but I don't, each time I see it, I let it take me from start to finish. Everyone in and connected with this movie earned their paychecks. I will watch it many times more in the years I have left, and enjoy it oh so much each time. Do see it if you can.
Reviewer: Jazzy792 - - March 16, 2012
Subject: incredible movie, great plot, awesome actors
Great film, keeps you guessing with twists and turns, although I did guess how it would end 10 minutes into the movie. Love Louis Hayward...great actor, perfect voice for his role in this...
Reviewer: fredfull - - September 4, 2011
Subject: Fitzgerald shines
Barry proves again that he was one of the best character actors in film history.
Reviewer: FannuvFilm - - June 9, 2011
Subject: DivX Format may not work
For the information of DivX users:

I have downloaded this film to a thumb drive twice in the DivX format but it will not play on my DivX player because the resolution of the download is an unsupported 848 x 480. (On my computer, Windows Media Player 11 with updated codecs can play it with no problem.)

I am far from an expert, but in my experience the usual resolution when I download films in this format is in the range of 640 x 432 up to 720 x 576, so I am guessing that 848 x 480 is not common yet. Just thought DivX users might like to know.
Reviewer: krishna kumar menon - - February 25, 2011
Subject: Ten Little Indians
Agatha Christies Ten Little Indians gets master treatment by the great director Rene Clair. The casting is superb and the cinematography and direction excellent.
Any fan on Agatha Christie will be at a disadvantage as he or she would not be gripped by the suspense as they can identify the murderer but the who cares. Sit back for a 100 minutes and get gripped by the Lady of Suspense and enjoy the film.
One of my particular favorites. Recommended for all.
Reviewer: Dr Feel Rotten - - January 6, 2011
Subject: Funny how murder is a family value
Rated G and it's about murder, people being killed without trials with a slight, but somewhat racist overtone with the song 10 little Indian boys and yet I find absolutely nothing offensive about it which is why it;s such a masterpiece. The odd part is when it's talked about how the last person should hang themselves because they would publicly hang after 9 bodies were found, but how many walk away happily with the happy little tune? Maybe it's that contradiction that leaves me liking it so much.
Reviewer: hercule-poirot - - January 6, 2011
Subject: A movie which you can see many times!
DivX version is much better than 512Kb MPEG4 version
Reviewer: 1StepBeyond - - May 31, 2010
Subject: Agatha Christie in top form
This film is nearly 70 years old but still is quite entertaining. No in your face sex scenes, no technology used to create beyond believable death scenes, and forgettable performances by forgettable actors. Instead we have truly wonderful character actors that have yet to be topped or equaled. The script is very good.
Reviewer: iamBart - - May 26, 2010
Subject: And Then There Were None
The 512Kb MPEG4 download version stops then skips ahead during playback, regardless of the media player used. Tried downloading several times to no avail. Any ideas?
The movie itself is excellent!
Reviewer: nellybly1949 - - May 13, 2010
Subject: One of my faves
Although the movie doesn't end the same way as the book and some characters names and motives are changed, this is an excellent adaptation. BTW what it is actually an adaptation of is the play by Agatha Christie which she adapted from the book. She was actually the one who changed the ending. The nursery rhyme had an alternative ending "He got married and then there were none".
I can figure out why the General's name was changed--the movie was made during WWII and a real life General MacArthur with his corncob pipe was cutting quite a swath across the Pacific Theater.
Reviewer: Albert Schlef - - April 26, 2010
Subject: Cool
A masterpiece! I don't see how one can't enjoy this movie.
Reviewer: picfixer - - February 9, 2010
Subject: Counting backwards
I absolutely love this movie! And I don't know anybody who doesn't love it, because it has it all - wry humor, moments of white-knuckle suspense and an impossible to predict outcome. A superb cast, excellent screenplay and outstanding direction make this the finest Agatha Christi on film, and possibly the greatest who-done-it movie ever. Stream or download it now! I can't imagine you being disappointed. FOOTNOTE: Avoid the half-baked remake with an inferior cast, "Ten little Indians."
Reviewer: suzelle - - November 21, 2009
Subject: Total Disappointment.
I had a great expectation before I watched the movie due to the great reviews. But it turns out they changed the storyline! For me, Agatha Christie's novels are sacred and the stories should not be changed.
"And Then There Were None" is a mind-blowing novel with an unpredictable and unique ending. The ending itself is the one that makes the novel so great in the first place.
The ending of this movie is just plain ridiculous! Romance?! Happy ending?! Really, what were the movie makers thinking?!?!
I'm so upset!
Reviewer: Shadows_Girl - - September 1, 2009
Subject: Great movie
Still under copyright
Reviewer: IMS_1993 - - August 26, 2009
Subject: One of my favorites
This movie is one of my all time favorites. It has the perfect balance of suspense and mystery, while still being light enough for family viewing.
Reviewer: katpooh9 - - August 26, 2009
Subject: Ugh!!
Near the end of the movie, I thought I chose the right culprit. But I was wrong! Oh well, I should have known that old, overused formula wouldn't work.
Reviewer: Luke Th. Bullock - - June 25, 2009
Subject: Utterly enjoyable
Watched this movie a couple of days ago and thought I should wait before writing a review. Good thing is, I have not changed my mind about it, as I found it to be very enjoyable, and the mix of noir, suspense and humor had me at the edge of my seat.

This movie is really worth seeing. The plot is very good, the actors are convincing, and the scenery is very pleasant. It is not easy to write a good review without giving away the plot, so all I can say is, watch it, you will enjoy it too :)
Reviewer: Freddie Jaye - - June 24, 2009
Subject: How to enjoy it even more
Watch it with a friend who's never seen it before.

This great flick ran on TV many years ago (with few commercials, so the pacing was good). I called a distant friend and urged him to watch it.

As the movie progressed, my phone rang at least a half-dozen times. Turns out my friend was irked by the fact that he "solved" the mystery over and over...only to see his suspect-of-the-moment get killed.

Drove him nuts!
Reviewer: BelaRose - - June 21, 2009
Subject: Bloomin' marvellous!!!
I have never seen this version and I have to say, I'm so glad I did! Highly entertaining and well worth downloading for posterity, they just don't make 'em like they used to!
Reviewer: Aitchondo - - January 20, 2009
Subject: Ten Little Indians
As good as I remember.
Reviewer: Video-Cellar - - January 19, 2009
Subject: Best adaptation of Christie Classic
This is one of my favourite 1940s pictures.
Harry Popkin and Rene Clair made one of the best adaptations of an Agatha Christie story. Perfect cast, great writing, the right balance of suspense and mystery. Just a great old-fashioned whodunnit.
This story was remade three times: in 1965 set in a snowed-in ski resort, in 1974 set in the Iranian desert and in 1989 set in the African outback. All are reasonably good but the original is the best.
Reviewer: quigs - - January 19, 2009
Subject: ten little indians went to dine one....
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the one released in 1965 with Hugh O'Brian and Shirley Eaton. Dudley Nichols (a character actor from the 30's & 40's) is faithful to the play and book.
Reviewer: thxmer - - January 18, 2009
Subject: And Then There Were None
Great picture with surprise ending. Lots of fun!
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